• hello i am Sintelvel and i know the answers i think

    1. Who is Hollyleaf's mother's sister's mate's half brother's murderer's father? Tigerstar
    2. Who is Whitestorm's mother's sister's successor's biggest enemy's mentor's son? Thistleclaw
    3. Who is Firestar's sister's son's daughter's mate's mother's brother's mother?  Brindleface
    4. Who is Sootfur's brother's sister's mate's mentor's best friend's nephew's oldest daughter's mate's oldest brother's ex-mate's oldest son's dead mate? Honeyfern
    5. Who is Jayfeather's mentor's mentor's mentor's mentor? Sagewhisker

    so that's it i think let me know if im right

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    • Hi Sintelvel :D
      Wow, you found the right answers of four of the questions :D
      only the second answer is wrong, Whitestorm is the right answer ;)
      Greetings, Mystery

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    • A Wikia contributor
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