• Yona is op dezelfde dag jarig als ik!!!! 7 APRIL!!! Illuminati confirmed :000 De koning is vermoord op mijn verjaardag lololololol


    Did You Know? ...that in the latest volume release of Akatsuki no Yona, Kusanagi-san announced the official birthdays for the main cast of the series? They are as follows:

    January 3rd: Shin Ah (from Hito [1] Mi [3], meaning pupil/eye)

    February 3rd: Soo-Won (from Fu [2] Min [3], meaning sleeplessness)

    April 6th: Kija (from Shi [4] Ro [6], meaning white)

    April 7th: Yona (from Yo [4] Na [7])

    May 4th: Jae-Ha (Japan's "Greenery Day")

    August 9th: Hak (from Ha [8] Ku [9])

    August 30th: Zeno (Japan's "Happy Sunshine Day")

    September 25th: Yoon (Japan's "Housewife Resting Day")

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