• Well hello Mystery!

    I see you are a German girl and I see you don't feel home here?! That's nonsense! We all are really nice here and if you have questions you always can ask everybody who can speak English! (Me, Maanhart, Hartstrom, as far as I know.) We will translate it any time for you, don't know how good you English is?

    Personely I create my own Clan's, and I do everything in English so I also know every warriors-language in English.

    Left me a message if you like!

    May StarClan light you path,

    Regenhart (Rainheart)

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    • Hey Regenhart (is it Rainheart in English??) ^^

      Yes, I said I can't really feel home here, but that's of course not the fault of you or any other user of this wiki, everyone is so nice to me here! I think I sometimes feel a bit like an outsider: I don't speak your language (yes, I know, we all speak English, but it's not the same), I live in another country, I don't know anything about anyone of you, I've never been in the chat and so on. But I think the biggest reason why I can't feel home is, that my home can't be the whole world. And right now my heart is between all my friends in the German Warrior Cats Wiki (maybe you want to vistit us there? ^-^) where it will be forever (and where we're sitting in the Chat again :3).

      During editing the articels of this wiki, I am learning a lot of Dutch, and when I'm better in speaking and understanding it, this could maybe become a new little part of my home. 

      I want to thank you and the others for your attention, you helped me a lot! ♡

      And remember, I've never said that I don't like this wiki ;D

      Greetings, Mysty <3

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    • Yes my name is Rainheart in English :D

      I understand you thoughts about the ousider, I am much older than everyone around here! Doesn't mean I don't like people here >:) And the part about where your heart lies is true and besides you are the onlyone who can feel that ;) If you don't understand something, always ask us!

      Happely you like the wiki anyway and I'm gonna visit your home!

      May StarClan light you path :)

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    • Thank you for understanding me :)

      Can I ask how old you are?^^

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    • I'm 19 years old :)

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    • Oh, then you're only 4 years older than me xD in the German Wiki one of the users is 28 years old and I also know some others who are older than 18^^ so you aren't the oldest at Wikia xDD

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    • Oh, no I mean on this wikia, the Netherlands wikia! ^.^

      I hope when I'm 28 that I still love warrior cats! I think I will because I'm a crazy cat-lady :p and mij boyfriend thinks it's great that I'm a great fan!

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    • A Wikia contributor
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